We reward you for sharing!

Our Ag is proud to announce the “Our Ag Partner Program” which gives you as members the opportunity** to be rewarded for posting. Many social networks live off of the substance you provide but don’t give you anything for that.

The Partner Program utilizes Google AdSense to handle all the advertisement delivery. This helps with security, trustworthiness and better fill rates.

A quick overview of rules are followed:

  • 5 Prior approved posts that have generated a set number of views
  • No posts reported for spam, junk or rules violations
  • US Citizen
  • $100 Minimum Payout Amount
  • 90/10 (You/Our Ag)

When you apply and are accepted we will instantly create a new Google Adsense code that will be labeled with your username. From our backend we input that into our ad delivery system which will generate a shortcode. We will then supply you with that shortcode where you can input it at the end of your posts (in the description field). When your post is approved your ad code will be automatically injected into the post* which will appear on our website.

Payout’s are done when your ads ACTUAL*** earnings reach $100USD. One month delay in payouts for Google Adsense to finalize earnings.

*Fill rates are based on Google Adsense and are beyond our control

**We will limited the number of applicants accepted for this program but will continue to open up to more. First applied that meet criteria are accepted

***Actual earnings are not an indication of Ad Unit Estimation Report. Actual earnings are based on the % of your Ad Unit Estimation Report that is a direct reflection to overall Our Ag Earnings.  An example would be:

Overall Our Ag Estimation Earnings $21000
Actual Our Ag Earnings $18000
Your % base = 18000/21000 (85.7%) – 10% (Our Ag Share) = 75.7%
You Ad Unit Estimated Earnings $15000
Actual Payment $15000 x 75.7% = $11355.00