Our Ag is 100% Agriculture 100% of the time

Desktop and Mobile Website

Our Ag utilizes a combination of Google AdSense and in house advertisement to help support and grow our great website.

We are happy to work with companies in the agriculture industry to help them grow their brand, generate new leads and announce new products.

Our Ag utilizes a Bannersnack to deliver our own in house advertisement opportunities which consist of:

  • Homepage Sidebar Banner
  • Single Post Sidebar Banner
  • Homepage/Archive/Search Feed Advertisement
  • Header Banner
  • Featured Posts
  • Sticky Posts
  • Sidebar Featured Poll
  • Sidebar Featured Verses Post
  • Sidebar Featured Open List
  • Our Ag Review (Featured and then sticky for 7 days)

Our in house ads shown on Desktops and Mobile websites are charged on a CPM model. At the end of your advertisement period we will email you a snapchat of statistics provided by Bannersnack.

Featured and sticky posts are charged on a per day basis. Sidebar Featured Poll, Sidebar Featured Verses Post and Sidebar Featured Open List are on individual basis. Our Ag Review is a story post that includes full write up with pictures and videos which is done on an individual basis.

Native Mobile Applications

Our Ag utilizes a combination of mobile advertisement networks wrapped in a single SDK. This great delivery system allows us to open up our in house advertisement opportunities in our mobile applications in the forms of:


  • Image Interstitial
  • Video Interstitial
  • Native Mobile Ad

All of our advertisement opportunities gives your company the ability to set a maximum amount you want to spend based on our CPM rates. Full statistics are provided at the end of your advertisement.

Native Mobile Ads fit it great with our content. You get to show your Logo, Title (25 Character), Description (100 Characters), Main Image, Optional Video (Extra Cost) and finally a call to action button label.

Interstitial and Video ads overtake the users device screen. Interstitial formats are only PNG or JPG format. Video can be up to 30 seconds in length. Both of these formats are limited to set cap for each individual user per day. This ensures new users are viewing your advertisement and also so users aren’t bombed with ads.