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All Ag was founded by Nate Legler @natelegler as his own personal tool for staying up to date with all the best things being posted across social media in agriculture. He found himself checking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other apps throughout the day.

That got him thinking about all of the great content there in the ag industry and the frustration it is to try and stay up to date with it all. Actually it is almost impossible! That planted the idea that what he was using could benefit the entire industry. What better way to highlight all the posts, tweets and pics then a place dedicated solely to it.

All Ag was created to help make it easier to see the latest agriculture content all in one place. Dubbing All Ag as the “Front Page Of Agriculture”.

All Ag is 100% Free to use, visit and contribute to! If you are an ag producer please submit to have your public pages and profiles added so everyone can see what you are sharing!

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